14 abril 2007

O que a Microsoft, Sony e outros gigantes não querem que saibas e esperam que nunca sejas informado

As bad as UAC is, the most insidious change that Microsoft did behind
the back of it's hundreds of millions of users is to sneak in DRM
which not only raises all kind of free use issues but it now it
starting to be revealed that what Microsoft did to implement DRM has
had a major impact on file handling and is the actual cause why
copying, moving and deleting files now can take far longer in Vista
then it ever did with XP.

Microsoft deserves a firestorm of protests from its huge customer base
just like Sony got for their evil rootkit which many aren't aware they
sneaked on to your computer without your permission. The EFF
(Electronic Freedom Foundation) awhile back was thinking about
starting a class action suit.


You mad yet? No? Well read the stories linked next, especially if you
try to play back your DVD and they stutter or have issues, the
freemdom-to-tinker link is VERY revealing on what Microsoft agreed to
do in Vista and instead of standing up, caved in to Hollywood. That
begs the question WHY did Microsoft cave?



Being in the "business" I've been keeping tack of the evils done
behind our backs by multi national corporate giants so they can fatten
their bottom line while at the same time giving themselves the "right"
to mess with your computer. Yes, you read that right. There is
technology deep inside Vista that impeades your hardware... on
purpose, or orders from the Hollywood crowd. Shocking!

Time the average user wised up to what's been going on. Read this, but
if you do, be prepared to get pissed off.


Fonte: microsoft.public.windows.vista.general

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Gostei deste comentário dum tal
Dustin Harper (frequentador do mesmo NG)

""DRM sucks, not implemented well, and just a pain in the ass for consumers.
Pirates don't care, they crack it within hours, usually. So, who is DRM
really for?!""

Às vezes demora dias, mas é sempre cracado. E, depois, lá vão alguns milhões pelo cano abaixo... É bom que eles gastem assim dinheiro; pode ser que acabem por ir à falência e se acabem as banhadas de SOs que eles "fazem"