28 junho 2008

Post dedicado àqueles que desenvolvem o GNU/Linux

This post is for all of you out there
who have developed or contributed to Linux/Ubuntu projects and all of the open
source coders who read this.I do not know where to send a post like this so I hope this one email will find its way in the sea of posts out there.

I thank you to the point of tears.

Earlier this week I installed Kubuntu
on a refurbished AMD computer I purchased for $184 from a discount
online vendor, it came with no OS. It now runs like a champ.

We cant afford much and this was my 14
year old daughter's birthday present this past week. She is
overjoyed. And she is already trying to tackle Adept Manager and
exploring Linux; adding bling and her music, of course.

I cant tell you how much I appreciate
the work you all have done. Its a work of art. If I could thank each and every one of
you I would.

You have given her the world to learn and explore.

So if you get frustrated or tired in
your work for Open Source/Free Software, just remember that somewhere in Missouri
there is a 14 year-old girl named Hope, an A-student who runs on the track team,
who is now your biggest fan and one of the newest users of
Thanks most sincerely,


Fonte: Ubuntu Devel Discussions

4 comentários:

:) assim vale a pena

Acho que qualquer programador deste maravilhoso sistema e conjunto de aplicações se deve sentir com um ego do tamanho do mundo ao ler isto. Eu sei que me sentiria :)

Eu recebo muitos desses, no fim do dia é muito melhor que dinheiro, ou qq outra coisa.

O dinheiro não é melhor pagamento que isto ..... só e apenas por isto vale a pena !

Um abraço a todos os colegas e amigos de GNU/Linux :)